As the idea incubator for the world's largest global retailer, we don't just build products. We bring experiences to life. Every day is an opportunity to reshape the e-commerce landscape while having a lasting impact on the industry.

  • Omnichannel customers are omnichannel customers accessing Walmart how and when they want – on mobile, online or in stores. More than 65% of our store customers have smartphones, 80% under age 35 – and the ways they use smartphones in our stores is different from how they use them at home.

  • Mobile: Leveraging stores

    Combining stores + online through mobile devices is a strong differentiator. The Search My Store feature makes it easy to search our assortment, in-store or online. Pharmacy also makes it easier for customers to manage and refill prescriptions on the go. Customers also can choose to receive a picture-perfect digital copy of their store receipt on their mobile device.

  • Baby registry

    Parents-to-be can now create and manage a baby registry with the Walmart mobile app. Items can be added by selecting products on or by using their mobile device to scan a product’s barcode in a store. Registries will be updated automatically when friends and family scan their receipts with the Walmart mobile app after checkout.

  • Store Maps

    Search My Store helps customers quickly and easily navigate their local Walmart. They can search for an item and find available products in the store, the aisle products are located and product reviews. All of this in the palm of the user’s hands.

  • Mobile Check-In

    A new way for Sam’s Club members to use their smartphones to “check-in” to their clubs when they’re on their way to pick up an online order, reducing wait time. This idea came from a hack day last year and is being tested in a number of clubs.

  • Responsive Design

    In 2015, we completed the process of making the site ‘responsive’ to mobile devices. That means the content on the web page adapts to a customer’s screen size to maximize the amount of content a customer sees – whether they’re using a desktop monitor, laptop, tablet or smartphone. No more pinching to zoom in on text and images – just an easy to use experience across all screens.

Open Source

The @WalmartLabs teams, grounded in the principles of open source, are defining, building, and scaling the technologies that are impacting the industry on a scale like no other.