At the @WalmartLabs technology center in Bengaluru, we use technology for the charter of building brand new platforms and services on the latest technology stack to support both our e-commerce and stores businesses worldwide.

  • Big Data & Analytics

    Data and retail! An unlikely match made in heaven?. That’s right, if you #lovedata, there may not be a better place to flex your data-loving muscle than at Walmart. Data today, sales tomorrow. We’re leveraging technology and insights and looking at how customers shop today to redefine commerce in the future.

    We #lovedata in a big way. We were into #bigdata before the rest and we’re still leading the way. The lab is open. Walmart #datascientists are cooking up a global data fabric that transforms #bigdata into big insights.  It’s no crystal ball, but it’s almost as good. Walmart studies #bigdata to determine what customers need most before they know themselves.

    While you’re reading this sentence, we just processed 190 billion rows of data. While reading this one, we’re performing calculations and rendering that data visually. We’ve integrated hundreds of internal and external data objects into our analytics – meaning we can layer in things like weather with product sales status, pricing, inventory and a lot more. A decision that’s made based on big data analysis in the morning can be implemented at stores all over the world the same day

  • Global Products

    We have been building compelling business critical e-commerce pre and in-transaction foundational products and functionality that are scalable (to cater to Walmart’s ever increasing e-commerce business), extensible to accommodate multiple consumers, simultaneously supporting multiple tenants (geographies and properties) and yet meeting the demanding stringent performance criteria. We believe in listening to the customer’s voice and constantly innovating to make significant difference to their lives while still having insane amount of fun and freedom at workplace. Come be part of the revolution that would shape the e-commerce experience of today and tomorrow!

  • Inventory mangement

    A global inventory management system designed to scale for eCommerce inventory, sourced either from partners, drop ship vendors, stores, distribution centers, fulfillment centers. Publish real time inventory picture to users as inventory enters in Walmart eco-system through any of the distribution channels.

  • SamsClub

    eCommerce feature development for Walmart’s Wholesale format that runs across 650 clubs in the US. We focus on bringing the digital and physical together by building continuous channel experiences for our members. Our goal is to increase order conversion through dotcom and membership to Sams Club and provide a legendary experience to our members. The foundation of all this is laid on a large volume, highly scalable platform.

  • Returns and Reverse Logistics

    To build a returns and reverse logistics system, which improves customer satisfaction, reduces return costs and return rates through continuous improvements.

  • Global Supply Chain Tools

    We are building a global set of tools for our supply chain and operations, which enhances the efficiency of the operations as well as the user experience.

  • Global Integrated Fulfillment

    A highly scalable global order fulfillment system used at stores and other customer touch points, with the capability to prioritize, pick, stage, consolidate, dispense and audit customer orders. It brings in efficiency at every stage of the order life cycle and facilitates an overall enhanced customer shopping experience.