In addition to growing our team organically, @WalmartLabs has acquired businesses that help us grow our expertise to build best-in-class eCommerce technologies and talent. These partners, combined with the assets of the world’s biggest retailer, empower us to deliver a unique customer experience.

  • Luvocracy

    Acquired July 2014

    Luvocracy is an online community that helps people discover cool products recommended by people whose taste they trust, such as family members, friends and online influencers.

  • Stylr

    Acquired June 2014

    Stylr is a mobile app that allows shoppers to find the clothes they love in nearby stores.The founders, Eytan Daniyalzade and Berk Atikoglu, both Stanford alumni, will join to accelerate the roadmap for Walmart’s mobile in-store offerings.

  • Adchemy

    Acquired May 2014

    Adchemy is a product search company and leader in e-commerce technology. The technologists from Adchemy will join our technology organization, adding to our expertise in important areas such as search, data analytics and marketing.

  • Yumprint

    Acquired February 2014

    Yumprint is a recipe discovery and meal planning service provider. At Walmart, the principals from Yumprint will take the lead on a number of grocery and meal-planning-related initiatives.

  • Torbit

    Acquired July 2013

    Torbit is a cloud-based website accelerator services. At Walmart, the Torbit team will be taking the lead on making our sites faster for customers.

  • Inkiru

    Acquired June 2013

    Inkiru’s predictive intelligence platform combines Big Data analytics and a customizable decision engine to inform and streamline business decisions. At Walmart, the Inkiru team is working on a variety of predictive analytics applications.

  • OneOps

    Acquired May 2013

    OneOps’ cloud-based technology automates and accelerates processes related to application design, transition and operations. These capabilities will help Walmart deploy and maintain our platform technologies to better serve customers.

  • TastyLabs

    Acquired May 2013

    Tasty Labs brought in a well-known and senior entrepreneurial team to Walmart — Paul Rademacher, who created the first Google Maps mashup before the official API (and was later recruited into Google as a result), and Nick Nguyen, who held leadership roles at Mozilla. Paul and Nick now hold key leadership positions within customer experience and mobile.

  • Social Calendar

    Acquired March 2012

    Social Calendar is a Facebook application that helps users remember birthdays and holidays via email and SMS and provides improved functionality in @WalmartLab’s social gifting platform.

  • Small Society

    Acquired December 2011

    Small Society, based in Portland, Oregon, is a mobile agency with a passion for developing great apps that delight the consumer. At Walmart, the Small Society team represents a core part of the mobile team and helped launch @WalmartLabs’s growing presence in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Grabble

    Acquired November 2011

    Grabble developed an innovative eReceipts solution that gives in-store shoppers instant access to a digital, picture-perfect version of their receipts. The addition of Grabble’s technology and leadership team has expanded our existing mobile activities.

  • OneRiot

    Acquired September 2011

    OneRiot developed technology that analyzes social media signals from popular networks like Twitter and Facebook. With their deep expertise in Big Data and machine learning, the OneRiot team is driving key Personalization initiatives within @WalmartLabs.

  • Kosmix

    Acquired May 2011

    Kosmix developed a social media technology platform that filtered and organized content in social networks to connect people with real-time information that matters to them. The Big Data expertise of the Kosmix team and technology are being applied to Walmart initiatives across search, social, and multi-channel experiences. The Kosmix team holds leadership roles across the business and is helping develop next-generation tools and technology, including the global technology platform for e-commerce.

  • Set Direction

    Acquired April 2011

    Set Direction was co-founded by Dion Almaer and Ben Galbraith and focused on helping developers deliver fantastic experiences and worked to set the direction of the software industry as a whole. Dion and Ben currently hold senior leadership roles in mobile and customer experience.

  • Vudu

    Acquired February 2010

    VUDU is a streaming video service that gives users instantaneous access to the latest selection of movies and TV shows anytime and on nearly any Internet-enabled device. Users enjoy thousands of movies, including new releases the same day as they come out on DVD, in stunning HD and Dolby® Digital surround sound. VUDU is currently available on popular devices like the Xbox, PlayStation 3, Roku, connected TVs and Blu-ray players, and Android and iOS devices. VUDU also makes it easy for users to stream movies they already own with its “In-Home Disc to Digital” service, which converts physical DVD movies to a digital format stored in the cloud and watchable on all VUDU-enabled devices.